www.ninawalsh.com http://www.ninawalsh.com www.ninawalsh.com :: news en-gb Orbsessions http://www.ninawalsh.com Nina and Alex Paterson have joined forces once again for the new Orb album Orbsessions coming out on Malicious Damage Records. There are two tracks Something Like and Steel Horse, the latter of which has just been reworked to include vocals by Alex himself. nina 2005-09-02 result! http://www.ninawalsh.com those lovely people at warp records have been saying nice things about me, comparing me in a single breath to luminaries such as broadcast, delia derbyshire and the radiophonic workshop.......personally i think im a bit better than that ;) Read all about it... here. (about a henry down the page) (that'll be an eighth of the way down to those haven't gone metric yet :) ) nina 2005-09-05 unsigned band web http://www.ninawalsh.com You can now listen to some of my songs at www.unsignedbandweb.com by clicking here Each play will move the songs up the chart which all helps! nina 2005-09-09 review http://www.ninawalsh.com Thank you very much oh toxic one! http://www.toxicpete.co.uk/ninawalsh.html nina 2005-10-01 Nina Walsh live at the Railway Arms, Tulse Hill http://www.ninawalsh.com Nina will be playing live at the Railway Arms next door to Tulse Hill Bristish Rail station this Friday, 4th November, 8.15 playing a few songs from her album Memo's. Hope you can make it! nina 2005-11-01 Social networking distraction! http://www.ninawalsh.com I have been particularly rubbish at reporting any news of late....caught up in that social networking thing! I have, however, posted up some press reviews and will try to keep on top of things once again. Lots of new and interesting projects running which I shall endeavour to report back on once rolling. a fair bit of knob twiddling for various bands (Warpaint, Pete Molinari, Josie Jones, Fuckbuttons...), the new Rootmasters album close to completion oh and back in the studio with singer Gareth Thomas again, which is sounding beautiful! nina 2012-08-11 Big Smash Up with Andrew Weatherall http://www.ninawalsh.com Recently finished Collaboration with Andrew Weatherall for Out of Focus Online Arts Magazine https://soundcloud.com/out-of-focus-1/big-smash-up nina 2013-06-06 Lost in London http://www.ninawalsh.com Currently working on a collaboration with Andrew Weatherall for Faber & Faber author Michael Smith, creating a soundtrack for his Lost in London book due out in September http://michaelsmithwriter.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/lost-in-london-has-soundtrack-by-andrew.html nina 2013-06-06 Folk Radio UK http://www.ninawalsh.com Live performance with Nina Walsh & Franck Alba performing some old and some new songs on Bob's Folk Show Tonight. nina 2013-06-14 Bobs Folk Show Link http://www.ninawalsh.com Bob's Folk Show on Folk Radio UK CLIK FOR LINK nina 2013-06-14